TAO Pool | Bar | Restaurant


TAO Bar | Bistro is our pool side bar and bistro offering all meals from breakfast and lunch through to dinner. The restaurant is open to our guests as well catering to locals and expats. The menu is a blend of local Khmer cuisine and international western favourites. Tao Bar | Bistro is open from 06.00 to 22.00 hours every day of the week.

Enjoy tantalising cocktails, wines from around the world and our excellent selection of local and international beers, whilst relaxing poolside. The kitchen is open all day, so if it is just a snack that you are after, we can cater for all your needs.

If you are visiting Cambodia for the first time, or enjoy Khmer cuisine, our chefs prepare dishes such as Beef Lok Lak and Fish Amok. Khmer food takes its influences from a variety of countries with common ingredients in Khmer cuisine being rice and sticky rice, fish sauce, palm sugar, lime, garlic, banana flowers, chilies, coconut milk, lemon grass, galangal, kaffir lime and shallots.

Our chefs can also cater for special events and dinners for your guests and provide assistance in organising your event.