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Bodia Products at Villa Samnang Boutique Hotel
21 Mar

Bodia Products at Villa Samnang

Bodia Products – Since December, 2016, all the rooms at Villa Samnang have the great products from Bodia – Cambodian Apothecary

Only the best ingredients.

With keen scrutiny over the production chain in our Cambodian Eco–Lab, we ensure a high quality composition respecting international standards. Free from synthetic ingredients, colorants or conservatives, Bodia Nature ensures great care in selecting only the best ingredients from South East Asia.

Original and genuine creations.

Authentic and original, our creations have all been developed with objective in mind of merging traditional knowhow and natural benefits from nature. Either they are dedicated to body care, stimulating your taste buds or even house decoration, Bodia Nature products combine together to create your own relaxation sanctuary.

Respect of a responsible & sustainable trade model.

Responsible and perfectly harmonious in its environment, Bodia Nature is a project that cultivates close relationships with its partners and values ancestral know how and skills. Committing in proximity commerce ensures the sustainability of our commercial agreement and benefits to all Bodia Nature collaborators.